Roby Saavedra

Staff product designer / front-end developer


Below is a selection of recent product design work.



Staff Product Designer

Cavnue is on a mission to bridge the gap between current autonomous vehicle capabilities and the promised future of full self-driving.

When I was brought on to the product team, our main goal was to take the overwhelming amount of data generated by Cavnue's hardware system and surface it in a way that was valuable to our end user.



Senior Product Designer

I joined Revel as their first designer in the Summer of 2019 - a pivotal time in the company's growth.

I was tasked with designing a full suite of internal tools that would allow the company to bring all their operations and logistics in-house.

I worked closely with nearly every department lead in the company to ensure that the tools we built met the needs of all who'd be using it. As a result, once we released the tools, we saw a huge spike productivity and financial efficiency.

In addition to internal tools I was a key stakeholder on a number of user-facing, high-revenue initiatives. For example I led design for a unique, passenger facing tablet in the run-up to the launch of Revel's rideshare program in an effort to rise above the existing players in the market, flexing our position as a car-service provider that owned the end to end experience.

I also designed the sign-up, purchase funnel, and user dashboard experience for Revel's electric bike rental program.

Personal projects

In my spare time I enjoy designing and developing personal web apps.

Below is a selection of work that I’ve conceived, designed, and developed. These examples range from personal utilities, small social networks, and solutions to problems I’ve encountered in the wild.

Web application that generates a random music recommendation using the Discogs API

Featured in DJ Mag!

A small social media platform that allows you to share good songs with your friends

A web repository that allows me to upload ambient audio for anyone to listen



A Figma plugin I built which provides a consistent structure to Figma files.

Companies I've worked for

About me

I'm a designer and developer with over 10 years of experience spanning tech companies, nimble startups, and wide-ranging agencies. Industries in which I've worked include autonomous vehicles, mobility, enterprise SaaS software, ed-tech & more.

I’m skilled in product design and front-end development and proficient in building software from 0 to 1. Currently I’m open to contract collaborations and full-time opportunities.